How to Live a Flower Inspired Life 🪷

How to Live a Flower Inspired Life

How to Live a Flower Inspired Life 🪷

Follow the Seasons

Engage in activities that are specific to each season. Plant flowers in the spring, go on picnics or visit flower festivals in the summer, take nature walks to enjoy the changing colors of autumn leaves, and cozy up indoors with hot beverages and good books during the winter months.

Just as flowers adapt to the changing seasons by adjusting their growth patterns and behaviors, living a flower-inspired life involves being adaptable. Be willing to adjust your plans, mindset, and lifestyle to align with the current season of your life. Pay attention to the different seasons and the unique characteristics they bring. For example, spring symbolizes new beginnings and growth, summer represents abundance and vitality, autumn signifies transition and letting go, and winter embodies rest and reflection.

Find your passion(s)

Finding your passion in gardening is a fulfilling journey that connects you with nature and allows you to cultivate beauty, growth, and nourishment. Begin by spending time in nature and observing the beauty of plants, flowers, and landscapes. Take walks in parks, visit botanical gardens, or simply spend time in your own backyard. Notice how being surrounded by nature makes you feel and the sense of peace and tranquility it brings.

Gardening encompasses a wide range of activities, from planting seeds and nurturing seedlings to designing landscapes and harvesting fruits and vegetables. Explore different aspects of gardening to see what resonates with you the most. Try your hand at growing different types of plants, such as flowers, herbs, vegetables, or succulents. Experiment with different gardening techniques, such as container gardening, raised beds, or vertical gardening, to find what suits your preferences and lifestyle.

Be Inspired by Color

Appreciate the beauty and vibrancy of the natural world. Infuse your surroundings with bursts of color by incorporating flowers, plants, and decorative accents into your home and workspace. Surrounding yourself with vibrant colors can uplift your mood, stimulate your creativity, and inspire feelings of joy and vitality.
Experiment with different color combinations and palettes to create visually stunning arrangements and displays. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant hues or soft and subtle tones, there’s no limit to the creative possibilities when it comes to incorporating color into your life.

Flower Inspired Life

Assess Your Time Management, THEN Select Flowers

Recognize the importance of making time for your passion for flowers amidst your other commitments. Consider how spending time with flowers can be a source of relaxation, joy, and fulfillment in your life. Allocate dedicated time in your schedule for gardening and flower care. Treat this time as a priority, just as you would any other important commitment or activity.

Choose flowers that align with your lifestyle and available time for care and maintenance. Consider factors such as the plant’s watering needs, sun exposure requirements, and overall maintenance level. Opt for low-maintenance flowers that require minimal care and attention if you have a busy schedule or limited time to devote to gardening. Look for varieties that are drought-tolerant, disease-resistant, and well-suited to your local climate.

Take the time to research different flower varieties and their specific care needs before making your selections. Look for flowers that are well-suited to your gardening experience level and the conditions of your garden or outdoor space. Consider factors such as bloom time, flower color, fragrance, and growth habits when choosing flowers. Select varieties that you’re passionate about and excited to nurture and tend to, ensuring a rewarding and enjoyable gardening experience.

Apps ARE Cool 📲

Flower apps make it easier and more convenient to enjoy and care for flowers. Whether you’re looking to identify a flower, plan your garden, or connect with other flower enthusiasts, there’s likely a flower app out there that can meet your needs and enhance your flower-inspired life.

Here are some suggested flower apps:

  • Planta: Planta is a popular plant care app that provides personalized care reminders and tips based on the specific needs of your plants. It offers features such as watering schedules, light requirements, and fertilization reminders. Planta also includes a plant identification tool and a community forum where users can share photos and advice.
  • PictureThis: PictureThis is a plant identification app that uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to identify plants from photos. Simply take a picture of a plant, and the app will provide detailed information about its species, care tips, and growing conditions. PictureThis also offers a plant care guide and personalized gardening advice.
  • GardenTags: GardenTags is a social gardening app that allows users to connect with other gardeners, share photos of their plants, and get advice from experts. It features a plant identification tool, plant care reminders, and a database of over 20,000 plant species. GardenTags also offers gardening inspiration and ideas for designing your garden.
  • SmartPlant: SmartPlant is a comprehensive plant care app that provides personalized advice and recommendations for caring for your plants. It offers features such as plant identification, pest and disease diagnosis, and watering reminders. SmartPlant also includes a plant encyclopedia with detailed information about thousands of plant species.
  • PlantSnap: PlantSnap is another popular plant identification app that uses artificial intelligence to identify plants from photos. It features a database of over 600,000 plants and provides detailed information about each species, including care tips and growing conditions. PlantSnap also allows users to create and share digital plant collections.
  • FlowerChecker: FlowerChecker is a plant identification app that connects users with a team of botanists who can identify plants from photos. Simply upload a picture of a plant, and the team will provide a response within a few hours. FlowerChecker is especially useful for identifying rare or unusual plants that may not be recognized by other apps.

Don’t Overthink It

In a flower-inspired life, it’s essential to embrace the simplicity and beauty of not overthinking. Just as flowers bloom effortlessly, guided by their innate instincts and the rhythms of nature, we too can find peace in surrendering to the flow of life. Overthinking can stifle our creativity and hinder our ability to fully appreciate the wonders around us. Instead, let us take a cue from the graceful petals and vibrant colors of flowers, allowing ourselves to be present in each moment and to bloom authentically. By letting go of the need to analyze every detail and embracing the spontaneity of life, we can cultivate a sense of joy and serenity that mirrors the natural elegance of the floral world.

Companion Planting

Companion planting emerges as a harmonious symphony of colors and scents, enriching both our gardens and our souls. Companion planting, rooted in the timeless wisdom of nature, involves strategically pairing flowers and plants to promote mutual growth and well-being. Just as flowers dance in harmony with one another, certain pairings offer benefits such as pest control, improved soil health, and enhanced pollination.

By embracing companion planting, we not only create a vibrant and biodiverse garden but also cultivate a deeper connection to the intricate web of life that surrounds us. Let us embrace the wisdom of companion planting as we weave together a tapestry of beauty, balance, and abundance in our flower-inspired lives.

Don’t Compare

Each flower blooms at its own pace, and similarly, our journey with plants is unique and deeply personal. While social media may showcase picture-perfect gardens and seemingly flawless floral arrangements, it’s important to remember that these snapshots often represent just a fraction of someone else’s story. Instead of striving to replicate someone else’s garden or aesthetic, let us embrace the beauty of our own journey, celebrating the quirks and imperfections that make it truly ours.

By nurturing our plants with love and authenticity, we cultivate a garden that reflects our individuality and brings us joy in its own unique way. Let us find inspiration in the diversity of nature and trust in the natural rhythm of our own flower-inspired path.

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